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Expedition Cruise Vessel Solutions

Experience the unexpected

Expedition Cruise Vessels are all about delivering unique experiences for guests. The vessels operate in remote locations, with limited availability of service and support. With KONGSBERG integrated control and energy systems onboard, operability is ensured, so the owner and operator can stay focused on the guests.

The KONGSBERG solution for Expedition Cruise Vessels is built on a foundation of connected control systems and a switchboard with advanced energy management, all with built-in remote diagnostics and support functionalities.

An Integrated Bridge system combines all manual and automatic control functions and supports the navigator with advanced maneuvering functionalities tailored for maneuvering in confined waters and during tender operations.

A highly scalable automation system combined with a digital switchboard and energy management system gives full flexibility in use of energy carriers, supporting dual-fuel and gas powered engines and integration of fuel cells and batteries for hybrid or emission-free operation in vulnerable environments.

With the passengers safety in focus, a flexible safety management system is provided, giving the crew full overview of any situation onboard.

Advanced radar processing

The state of the art radar displays can compile a radar mosaic from four different radar sources simultaneously, providing a full overview of the surroundings. Integrating X- and S-Band radars with near-field CW radars, providing small target detection, ice navigation functions and wave measurements.

The new situational awareness displays layer navigation charts and radar picture with AIS data, camera and laser scanners generates a 3D mode of the surroundings. Objects are tracked, classified and presented according to predicted risk.

Omnidirectional sonars displayed in radar and chart display can be used for navigating in poorly charted waters, detecting ice or shifting sandbanks. Available as bow-mounted forward-looking or on retractable hull units.

The advanced maneuvering system combines direct lever control of propulsion, thrusters and rudders with semiautomatic functions like joystick, autopilot with crab angle control, speed pilot and fully automated functions like station keeping, automatic docking and collision avoidance. All with built-in backup control and override functions, keeping the operator in control.

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