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Offshore Wind

The offshore wind farm sector is expanding quickly, and offshore floating wind farms are becoming increasingly popular to meet the world’s growing need for renewable energy.

KONGSBERG offers state-of-the-art technology solutions and the unrivalled expertise essential for this green power revolution.

Technologies for sustainable oceans

KONGSBERG has helped develop game-changing offshore wind turbine and vessel technology.

KONGSBERG’s technologies for wind turbine installation and operation are well established, with over 50 years of experience enabling safe and efficient offshore energy operations. Our diverse digital solutions, operational technology, and engineering expertise are at the forefront of modern offshore wind power, visible throughout the entire lifecycle of an offshore wind farm.

Advances in wind turbine design, infrastructure, installation, and maintenance are making offshore wind power more economical than fossil fuels. Several countries can now cover much of their national energy demand with wind power. KONGSBERG's objective is to help the planet attain 100% clean and sustainable energy production.


Our new game-changing integrated solutions for floating wind