Safety Systems, K-Safe

With decades of experience delivering Safety and Automation systems for complex vessels and offshore installations, KONGSBERG provides solutions that contribute to efficient and safe operations. The enhanced human machine interfaces (HMI) and open system architecture provide the highest standard in quality and functionality, making them the first choice for quality ship owners and operators.

The K-Safe system comprises Safety Management & Control Systems, Emergency Shut Down (ESD), Process Shut Down (PSD) and Fire & Gas Detection (F&G) control and monitoring including:

  • Fault tolerant and reliable computer based system
  • Extensive safety management functions
  • Comprehensive fault diagnostic and self-check features
  • Controlled flexibility concerning maintenance and modifications
  • High availability and safe operation

The K-Safe is a powerful Safety System that can be tailored to meet individual requirements of complex vessels and offshore installations.

The K-Safe is based on autonomous safety control, enabling a stand-alone safety system that is independent of all other control systems.

The system technology, common to all KONGSBERG K-products, yields an open design utilising a redundant system wide communication structure where the K-Safe and the other KONGSBERG systems forms an Integrated Control System.

K-Safe system provides safe, uniform and intuitive user interface, reducing the risk of human errors and enhancing operational efficiency. Each Operator Station is self-contained and process independent. Operational access and functional level is limited by command control and password protection.

The K-Safe is designed to meet the most stringent safety and reliability requirements. It supports redundancy at all levels including operator stations, communication links, process controllers, I/O modules and power supplies. The built-in self-diagnostic facilities monitor all system components and internal communication, and fail-safe mechanisms are automatically activated in case of failure.


Both the K-Safe hardware and the software hold type-approval certificates from major classification societies and SIL-certification by TÜV.