Vanguard and Norwegian Navy fleet

Naval vessels

The Vanguard Naval Vessel System couples KONGSBERG’s knowledge, technology and systems together with the competence coming from the Norwegian Maritime and Offshore Industry. 

The concept combines long experience in both the maritime and naval sectors to design a platform that meets modern threats and demands for safety, security, economy and environment.

The Vanguard fulfils the needs of coastal nations for both military and civilian operations, such as Search & Rescue, Harbor and Assets Protection, Subsea Survey, Exercising Authority and Sovereignty, Anti-Access/Area-Denial, Anti-Submarine Warfare and Mine Clearance, and Detection and Disposal.

Vanguard, by design, is highly adaptable and capable of fulfilling a multitude of roles. It is designed with a multi-role hangar for air, surface and sub-surface assets. Easily interchangeable mission modules and extensive use of unmanned vehicles enables quick change of operational roles. The Vanguard is also based on an open architecture to integrate and take advantage of new technology as it becomes available.

To offer extremely capable yet affordable military vessels, Vanguard is based on civilian and commercial ship design, combined with flexible military mission packs. This approach represents significant cost savings as compared to traditional military bespoke solutions.