Protector RT20

PROTECTOR RT20 is a compact and light weight turret system including the latest developments in KONGSBERG technology.

The PROTECTOR family includes three Remote Turret (RT) variants, the RT20, RT40 and RT60. The systems can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements, - including key elements like protection level, sensor performance and whether operated by a single or multiple operators. Despite their differences all variants share great commonality in terms of system components and fire control architecture – the latter allowing all to be wirelessly operated when integrated on an unmanned vehicle.

Like all systems in the PROTECTOR family, the Remote Turrets benefit from KONGSBERGs 20+ years’ experience as the world’s leading provider of Remote Weapon Systems.

The RT20 is a compact and light weight turret system including the latest KONGSBERG technology within fire control, sensor capability and lethality performance. The RT20 has been selected as the 30mm lethality solution for the USMC Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) program, and is fully marinized to allow operations in marine environments.


The PROTECTOR Remote Turret provides highly accurate firepower. It is remotely controlled and operated from a protected position inside the vehicle compartment, - enhancing crew safety. The turret can be accessed and reloaded from under armour and the linkless ammunition handling system provides superior reliability compared to link fed systems. The remote turret eliminates the need for a basket taking up space inside the vehicle, - facilitating more space to transport troops or mission essential equipment, and reduces weight for better mobility.


The Remote Turrets include a combat proven fire control system based on fielded PROTECTOR weapon systems. The system automatically performs ballistic computations compensating for the lead angle, cant, tilt and vehicle motion, making targeting easier in the most challenging scenarios. The network-based fire control architecture enables wireless operation of the system - relevant for unmanned/robotic vehicles.

Through the KONGSBERG Integrated Combat Solution (ICS) the turret gains access to a number of enhanced lethality features like automated precision Hunter-Killer and target sharing between vehicles.

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