NOMADS - National Manoeuvre Air Defence System

The National Manoeuvre Air Defence system (NOMADS) is tailored to on the move (OTM) protection of forces and axis of advance in a dynamic and contested land warfare environment.

The mobility, firepower, and protection levels meet the requirements for mobile mechanized units that NOMADS is tasked with providing air defence coverage for. 

Autonomous & Networked

NOMADS is designed for maximum efficiency on the battlefield, capable of operating and completing air defence missions autonomously. 

NOMADS can integrate to NATO IAMD and be interoperable with any GBAD Task Force or entity through standard NATO data links / protocols.  

From experience in combat operations

NOMADS has been developed based on the heritage of KDA’s highly effective and combat proven Medium Range Air Defence System, NASAMS.

NOMADS complements NASAMS in order to give highly mobile forces, typically Battalions and Brigades, the ability to counter a larger portion of the threat Spectrum closer to or at the frontline. NOMADS is fielded with the Norwegian Army.

NOMADS features:

The System

NOMADS consists of a SHORAD (Short Range Air Defence) module mounted on an armoured mechanized vehicle with high off-road mobility. The modular design enables versatility to a variety of vehicles / platforms.

The module integrates key command and control functions and applications from the medium-range NASAMS system and includes a passive seeker missile and an AESA radar. NATO interoperability is provided by L16/JREAP-C and IFF Mode5 capacity.

NOMADS has the mobility to get into the best positions to sense and shoot in a matter of seconds. Protection levels are high, enabling NOMADS to operate on the dynamic land warfare frontline battlefield.

Key Elements:

  • All in One: Command and control, sensors and effectors on the same platform.
  • Autonomous and network capabilities.
  • AESA 3D Radar with 50km+ coverage radius
  • Missiles with ranges beyond the standard SHORAD segment. Dual use (air to air & ground to air).
  • Remote Weapon Station (RWS) integrated to NOMADS C2 system.
  • Speed up to 70km/hour.
  • Superior Performance: Ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness. High firepower and reduced into action time.
  • Armour and Remote Weapon System for self-protection.
  • Integrated with NASAMS and other air defence systems by standardized datalinks.
  • Agnostic design: The SHORAD module can be fitted onto other vehicles.
  • Transportable by air-sea-land means.  

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