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TTS – Next Generation Tactical SDR

Next Generation Tactical SDR

TTS dual channel tactical SDR provides resilient combat zone wide band and narrow band connectivity for the warfighting platforms.

Product description

TTS is a software defined radio (SDR) for tactical operations in mobile platforms,  provides the warfighter two, independent VHF/UHF radio channels for voice and data
TTS provides narrowband connectivity with advanced protective measures against electronic warfare with voice and data in one single VHF frequency
The wideband waveform provides multihop combat zone networking with datarates up to 2,5 Mbit/s as well as small packet network for BMS
TTS has full router functionality including multi-hop features ensuring that data is reaching its destination correct and timely.
TTS can be configured to operate in a mixed TDMA mode supporting a number of voice channels as well as guaranteed access for time critical data. This mode is the optimum choice for handling all communication needs within e.g. an 8x8 Company


  • Simultaneous VHF/UHF, VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF
  • Simultaneous narrowband/broadband
  • MIMO schemes
  • Fast reconfig («instant» change of waveforms)list of features
  • Integrated PA and co-location filtering


  • SCA SDR Radio System supports implementation of modern as well as future waveforms
  • Compact size, ½ 19 inch rack mount
  • High Speed System Interface for External PA or filter modules 

Technical data

  • 30-1350MHz
  • Waveforms
    • STANAG 5630 NBWF
    • STANAG 4732 SATURN with SEDR
    • Other  waveforms upon request