TerreStar-1 launch marks another success for Norspace

Horten, Norway - August 2009 - The successful launch of TerreStar-1 on July 1 followed by successful antenna deployment and placement of the first telephone call marks yet another success for Norspace. The TerreStar-1 satellite, the world’s largest commercial communications satellite, has brought another 100 kg of analogue signal processing electronic equipment containing more than 300 frequency converter channels built by Norspace into use in geostationary orbit. 

It also brings the accumulated number of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters in orbit supplied by Norspace to close to 9,000, a strong confirmation of Norspace’s position as the world’s leading supplier of SAW filters in space. Norspace-supplied SAW filters have now accumulated over 500 million hours, equivalent to 58 thousand years, of fault-free operation on board over 130 satellites in orbit. The TerreStar-1 launch further manifests Norspace as the global leader of SAW technology for space application. Following the successful launch, John Celli, president and chief operating officer of Space Systems/Loral, who has built TerreStar-1, stated that “..over one million hours were spent to design, build, and test TerreStar-1. The completion of this highly complex satellite is truly a testament to our skills, hard work, and dedication, and the support of many suppliers around the world." As a key supplier to TerreStar-1, Norspace was awarded a special recognition from SS/L for Norspace’s “outstanding performance on the TerreStar program”. The recognition was given in appreciation of Norspace’s on-time delivery of complex compliant S-band frequency converters under a contract awarded end of August 2005. The first of eight similar flight units was ready for delivery to SS/L less than 10 months after contract award and ahead of the contractual delivery date. Subsequent flight units were also delivered earlier than required by the contract. Picture: Part of Norspace team with equipment comprising one half flight set plus the Qualification Model of TerreStar-1.