Rocket-propulsed order income for Norspace breaks through 100 Million NOK.

Horten, Norway 31 October 2009 With recent orders, Norspace order income so far in 2009 has passed the symbolic 100 Million Kroner figure (approx 12 Million Euros).

Over the last two months, Norspace has won contracts worth more than 72 Million Kroner (approximately 8,5 Million Euros) covering products to eight satellites for seven different customers in USA, Europe and Asia. Two of the contracts include Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C) equipment for three satellites for a total value of 27 Million Kroner (3,2 Million Euros). Other products include traditional Norspace products such as frequency converter assemblies, SAW filters and other standard components. One single order represents 50% of the total value of these new orders and is for a typical custom-designed Norspace Converter Assembly. Earlier this year, Norspace won an order from Astrium Space Transportation for supply of signal interface boxes (Level Conditioners) to the next 35 Ariane-5 rockets worth close to 20 Million Kroner (2,2 Million Euros).



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Example of TTC product now sold to several customers
Norspace had expected the Ariane-5 contract for some time, because of the increasing demand for satellite launches, while some of the other orders have come as pleasant surprises. “It is most encouraging that orders for the new TT&C products are picking up more quickly than foreseen in our strategic planning”, says Norspace president Sverre Bisgaard. With the new orders, Norspace has already reached a noticeable position in this segment, and is now building on this position to pursue new opportunities.