Welcome to the new AME SPACE

Sverre Bisgaard, AME SPACE president, announces start of full operation of the "new" AME SPACE.

As a consequence of the decision to close Alcatel Space Norway (ASN) announced on 25th April 2003, a privately owned company was created on 18th June 2003 under the name of AME SPACE AS with the aim to take over and continue as much as possible of the business developed by ASN since 1986 (until December 1999 under the name of AME SPACE AS).

As from 1st January 2004, the "new" AME SPACE is fully operational with all necessary industrial means and resources in the same facility and related infrastructure, including clean rooms for manufacturing and test, as previously used by ASN.

AME SPACE has secured all the key resources and core competencies that have helped bring ASN into a world leading position within its niche in the space industry, and that will enable AME SPACE to continue and evolve this activity under a new legal entity independent from Alcatel. AME SPACE employs approximately 50 persons as of 1st January 2004.

All the people now employed by AME SPACE are looking forward to continue their positive relationship with all our customers and suppliers who have contributed to bringing Alcatel Space Norway and AME SPACE into its world recognized position.


Sverre Bisgaard