AMC-15 successfully launched

The successful launch of SES Americom’s spacecraft AMC-15 on 18th October represents an important milestone for Norspace AS.


AMC-15, built by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems, will offer broadband services using Ka-band spot beams and a new generation innovative onboard analogue processor. The AMC-15 processor was designed and built by former Alcatel Space Norway, whose activities are now continuing with essentially the same people and in the same facilities by Norspace AS.

The AMC-15 processor benefits from state-of-the-art SAW filters, up/down converters, switch matrices and local oscillator distribution networks to perform flexible allocation of frequency resources between the 12 Ka-band spot beams.

Norspace is proud of the contribution made by its employees in achieving this significant milestone set by the successful AMC-15 launch.