Introducing DOCK - Digital Operations Center KONGSBERG

In order to better support our growing customer base, Kongsberg Norcontrol has modernized our customer support solution. Toward that end, we are happy to introduce our brand new customer portal: DOCK - Digital Operations Center KONGSBERG

What is DOCK?DOCK is our new digital workspace for customers, providing a modern interface to register and follow-up all support inquires for equipment and services delivered.

We continuously strive to deliver the best service and support possible. By utilizing DOCK, we ensure all inquiries are handled in the best manner. How will this affect you?On Friday, 2. March the old support website shut down. During the weekend we migrated all existing tickets to the new solution. On Monday, 5. March DOCK opened for business, and all of our customers were able to follow-up all previous support inquiries in their new workspace.

In the DOCK Service Catalog customers can register inquiries for equipment and services that we provide, and from the My Activity-section, customers can review all inquiries, read updates from KNCus and add additional information if neccessary. Customers continue to receive information and updates from us via email, but we strongly encourage all customers to visit DOCK regularly to get the best service and support. DOCK is redesigned to secure our customr's data even better, and as a result, we have supplied all of our customres with a new set of user credentials. In the first version of DOCK, customers have to login to DOCK in two steps, but we plan to introduce a single sign on feature in the near future. All existing customers will receive a separate email containing new login details during the weekend.