New C-Scope VTS goes live with the Norwegian Coastal Administration

Kongsberg Norcontrol has upgraded the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s five Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Centres with the new C-Scope Decision Support tool. The VTS Centres now have a state of the art VTS system with intelligent multi-sensor tracking providing an integrated real-time VTS Traffic Image for informed decision making.

The Norwegian VTS Centres of Kvitsøy, Horten, Fedje, Vardø and Brevik have all been upgraded to the new C-Scope VTS system from Kongsberg Norcontrol (KNC). The new system integrates several sensor types and correlates this with multiple real-time and non-real-time data sources. 

“We utilise international open standards such as Web Map Services for the inclusion of data from Kongsberg Satellite Services’ oil detection and Barentswatch.” says KNC’s Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Lene Vesterlund.

A milestone for modernization

Kongsberg Norcontrol’s C-Scope VTS system supports the VTS Operator’s tasks in an even more efficient way than previously. Sophisticated decision support alerts enable faster identification of potentially dangerous traffic situations at sea. By configuring various alerting criteria, i.e. vessel class, speed over ground, wind speed, the VTS Operator receives prior warnings enabling early identification and the management of risk.

"A major milestone for us in the modernization of our Vessel Traffic Services and how we deliver these to shipping is the new C-Scope Decision Support tool. We have already seen examples where the new system has contributed to prevent accidents. As we look to the future, this tool gives us a solid foundation to build on when we expand our operational services in the form of a Regional Maritime Service Portfolio in accordance with the International Maritime Organization’s e-Navigation Strategic Implementation Plan,” says Jon Leon Ervik, Head of Department for VTS and Pilotage in the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

"The C-Scope Decision Support tool provides the VTS Operators with a national common platform that also supports the various local operating procedures and byelaws for each specific VTS area. Developing this tool has been possible through close collaboration with the Norwegian Coastal Administration using a human centered design process, according to the International Maritime Organization’s guidelines, as the foundation,” says Björn Coster, Project Manager of Kongsberg Norcontrol.

“C-Scope offers a major improvement for Traffic Information and Traffic Organization Service. Complex alert algorithms are defined based on track, chart and meteorological data, and many other sensors and data information points. This provides the VTS Operators timely alerts to ensure safe, secure and efficient vessel traffic management. The tool also provides services such as advanced route management to ensure better traffic organization, which is especially important in narrow waters with traffic restrictions,” says Coster.

For further information, please contact:

Lene Vesterlund, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Kongsberg Norcontrol, (+47) 452 29 900