Kongsberg Norcontrol IT releases SP5 for AIS Network Software

SP5 integrates several new features into the previous C-Scope AIS Network Software version, which are designed to augment the existing management & control functionality in the AIS Network for technicians and system administrators.

Developed at the Kongsberg Norcontrol IT AIS R&D centre in Durban, South Africa, the C-Scope AIS Network Software, which is the company’s 3rd generation of AIS software can be utilised within a standalone AIS network infrastructure or integrated with a full VTS/VTMIS.

"AIS Network administrators have recognised that AIS data has a value to the larger maritime community and multiple user groups are required, so we have added extensive extra database functionality to enable this in SP5,”  says Brendan Mitchell, Kongsberg Norcontrol IT's AIS Product Manager. “Our AIS network solutions are now being used in the most hostile, remote and exposed marine environments and many of the world’s busiest ports and maritime domains utilise it, so we are dedicated to continuing development to ensure that we can provide the functionality that users need.”

Key new features enabled by SP5 include a full data maintenance module to control database sizes and database management. This completely automated database management facility offers the ability to copy, delete and restore data, and has fully integrated logging and fault reporting facilities. The copy process creates future proof (time-stamped native IEC AIS format) daily media logs allowing a very simple way to archive data.

Database sizes can be maintained within working constraints such as hard disk size or age of data. Time related sizing ensures that only the most recent AIS data is available for instant analysis or to replay without retrieval from media logs. Media logs can be restored to databases to examine historical data, and historical data can be imported from other third party systems.

Another key upgrade that SP5 offer is improved base station support. The Base station manager provides centralised management of base stations that alleviates onsite presence and for the first time fully supports any number of both IALA A-124 and IEC 62320-1 base stations. All C-Scope AIS Network Software facilities, including central configuration, with confirmation and viewing of base station properties and graphical overview of the AIS VHF channel allocation, with a channel load indicator can now be applied to either base station.

SP5 enables the sophisticated functionality of the C-Scope AIS Network Software to be applied to IALA and IEC base stations, including intelligent warnings, misaligned configurations and storage of all base station configurations in a database while providing a secure and controlled reconfiguration process.

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT is a leader in the development of AIS network infrastructure, with AIS standalone and VTS/VTMIS integration projects throughout the world, including in the Far East, Singapore, Norway, Canada and the UK.


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