C-Scope Vessel Traffic Service System for World's Busiest Port

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT to Install C-Scope for the Port of Singapore VTISKongsberg Norcontrol IT’s C-Scope Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) system has been selected by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). The contract, which was awarded in June, reflects the strength of Kongsberg Norcontrol IT as the leading supplier of maritime domain awareness solutions worldwide.

“At its narrowest point, the Singapore Strait is only 1.5 nautical miles wide. Providing a Vessel Traffic Information Service (VTIS) on a 24/7 basis to both transiting vessels and vessels bound for the Port of Singapore in a clear and unambiguous manner presents challenges,” states Steve Guest, Managing Director of Kongsberg Norcontrol IT’s office in Singapore.

The project, valued at approximately SGD 25.5 million (circa. €12.5 million), is extensive and encompasses a core C-Scope VTS system with maritime communications, AIS, CCTV, RDF and GMDSS with multiple interfaces to enable interoperability. The entire system will be set up at a new Port Operation Control Centre (POCC) in Changi.

“The C-Scope VTS system provides significant decision support tools in an ergonomic way including VTS Operator prompts to ensure that vessels are managed in accordance with applicable Collision Regulations and the Authority’s in-house standard operating procedures,” continues Steve.

“We are delighted that we have once again been entrusted to deliver the best solution to ensure safety and efficiency in the Singapore Strait and the approaches to the Port of Singapore,” comments Inge Flaten, President, Kongsberg Norcontrol IT. “MPA is wisely using the present slowdown to upgrade its infrastructure, so as to ensure the Port of Singapore continues to be safe and efficient when vessel traffic picks up.”

Having recently moved from Europe to Singapore, Steve Guest observes: “It is interesting to see the similarities between the Changi C2 Centre joint operations model and the research work we’ve recently completed as part of the EU MarNIS project. In MarNIS the joint operations model is centred on a Maritime Operations Service (MOS) Centre. This research project was only completed in late 2008, so it is really pleasing to already be under contract to deliver a key element for such a joint operation system.”

The core technology for the Project is the C-Scope VTS system, which has advanced features such as:

  • VTS Operator Client with enhanced visualisation including 3D Views
  • Decision support functions to dynamically identify contraventions, congestion and risk
  • Embedded Search And Rescue (SAR) and Traffic Analysis tools
  • Radar Video Web Map Service
  • Web based viewing
  • Interoperability module

“MPA is world-renowned for its capability to manage vessels and be at the forefront in accepting and utilising technology,” says Steve. “C-Scope had to meet challenging technology requirements specifically for MPA and yet be low-risk since efficient, safe and secure maritime transportation is a top priority for the Project.”

“An extremely important work package for the Project is to ensure all this technical wizardry is delivered in an ergonomic and user-friendly manner,” says Fred Fredriksen, Kongsberg Norcontrol IT’s Project Manager. “We went right back to the drawing boards and really challenged conventional methods of presenting the right data at the right time to different user groups. C-Scope’s VTS Operator Client will be an essential component of the Project.”