Kongsberg Norcontrol IT VTS and Port Management for Rijeka

The Port of Rijeka Authority has chosen Kongsberg Norcontrol IT to supply vessel monitoring and port management solutions as part of an ongoing development plan to modernise the Port of Rijeka. The company will work alongside prime contractor J/V, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Croatia,    to deliver and install all components within Q2 2008.

The scope of supply consists of both software and hardware solutions, including the Kongsberg Norcontrol IT VTMIS5060 with Radar, VHF and three Operator Stations in addition to a Port Management Information System (PMIS) and a web based traffic display with web access to the PMIS. VTS training is also included as part of the contract.

“The VTMIS5060 collects and integrates all sensor data to ensure that operators have a clear overview of the traffic in the port and its approaches,” comments Terje Samuelsen, Project Manager, Kongsberg Norcontrol IT. “The training we are supplying will ensure that the VTS operators make best use of the extensive functionality and monitoring capabilities in order to enhance the safety and efficiency of the port.”

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT’s PMIS is a sophisticated system, designed to handle and distribute the massive amounts of data generated in everyday port operations. It includes a rich feature set designed to facilitate safe, efficient and cost effective port management. Core functionality covers a broad area of operations including, voyage booking, planning and tracking vessel, pilot and tug movements and services, tracking cargoes and associated cargo operations.

“Rijeka is a developing port and needs to make use of the latest technology in order to meet the demands of modernisation,” says Terje Samuelsen. “The VTS and PMIS systems we are supplying will ensure improved day-to-day operations and safety, but will also assist in the long term growth strategy that the Port of Rijeka Authority has in place.”