Businesses drive sustainable change for the oceans

Unsustainable human activity threatens the oceans, and KONGSBERG is part of the efforts to establish a new global contract between the oceans and humanity.

The UN’s High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy has launched a new ocean action agenda. 14 world leaders have united behind this plan which was launched on 2 December 2020. KONGSBERG has actively contributed through the panel’s advisory network which brings a wider stakeholder voice to the Ocean Panel, representing relevant sectors to the ocean economy.

Geir Håøy, CEO and President of Kongsberg Gruppen, said: “More than 80 percent of what KONGSBERG does is in some way related to the ocean. It is a huge inspiration for us to know that we are part of the solution for a more sustainable blue economy. Maritime industry players are central to improve the health of the oceans and the wealth that comes from harvesting resources in a way that provides prosperity for the future.”

The goal of the new action agenda is to deliver a sustainable ocean economy, where effective protection, sustainable production and equitable prosperity go hand-in-hand.

Co-chaired by Norway and Palau, The Ocean Panel comprises members from Australia, Canada, Chile, Fiji, Ghana, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Norway, Palau and Portugal - nations of highly diverse oceanic, economic and political perspectives.

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