Esa Rautalinko appointed President and CEO of the Patria Group

The Board of Directors in Patria has today appointed Esa Rautalinko (56) as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Patria Group.

Rautalinko joins Patria on July 1, 2019, from the position of CEO of the Örum Group. He has been the chair of Patria's board since November 2018. Rautalinko has extensive management experience in both Finnish and international companies as well as from board positions in several companies and organizations.

“I'm very pleased that Esa Rautalinko is taking over as the new CEO of Patria. He has extensive international experience and knows the company, industry and market conditions well. Patria is entering a period of increased focus on the international market, and I'm confident that Rautalinko, with his broad background and business understanding, will further develop the company in the right direction,” says Geir Håøy, CEO of the Kongsberg Group.