Contract to deliver Counter Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) to Germany worth 250 MNOK

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KONGSBERG) has entered into a contract with Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment (BAAINBw) to deliver a Counter Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) based on the PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station.

The contract worth 250 MNOK was won in an international bidding process.

Germany is the first country to acquire a C-UAS solution with the PROTECTOR as a kinetic effector. The emergence of inexpensive, small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also referred to as drones, poses a relatively new threat to both military units as well as civilian infrastructure and events, such as airports, government buildings, power plants, political gatherings and sporting events. The PROTECTOR RWS C-UAS has a rapid deployment and reaction time, and is highly mobile.

KONGSBERG has studied the growing threat posed by UAS and developed technology and solutions for detection, tracking and defeat of drones. There has also been a close cooperation with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) to evaluate possible technologies and solutions. The combination of the operationally proven PROTECTOR RWS with advanced sensors, tracking algorithms and rapid engagements provides an innovative and cost-efficient solution.

For Germany’s PROTECTOR RWS C-UAS project, KONGSBERG has cooperated closely with Hensoldt and is integrating the Hensoldt Spexer 3rd generation radar for UAS detection and tracking. The solution utilizes a 40 mm Automatic Grenade launcher with airburst ammunition, - but the PROTECTOR RWS has a variety of weapon integrations up to 30 mm and air defence missiles that can be employed against UAS.

Germany is the 22nd country to select KONGSBERGs PROTECTOR RWS, adding to the almost 20,000 systems delivered to our customers around the globe.

“KONGSBERG is very proud to win this first C-UAS competition, and we look forward to a long-term close cooperation with the German Army. With this contract, KONGSBERG combines existing and new technologies entering a new growing market niche”, says Pål E. Bratlie, Executive Vice President Protech Systems, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS.

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