Joint Strike Missile completes long range flight test

The Joint Strike Missile (JSM) has successfully completed a flight test in the United States. The missile was launched from an Edwards Air Force-based F-16 over the Utah Test and Training Range west of Salt Lake City.

The JSM is a unique strike capability designed for internal carriage on the F-35. The test demonstrated safe separation from the aircraft performing a number of challenging flight manoeuvres, long range while continuously alternating speed and altitude, unique capabilities for this class of strike missiles.

The JSM is in development for the Norwegian Armed Forces and will complete the qualification program in 2018. JSM will have unmatched operational capabilities enabling the F-35 to fight well-defended targets across long distances. The missile will be integrated on the F-35A but can also be integrated on other types of aircraft. KONGSBERG and Raytheon are partnered to provide the JSM for US and international customers.

 “The test verified all intended goals completing another milestone towards full integration on the F-35. The JSM program is on track to provide the war fighter a long range precision strike anti-ship and land attack capability”, says Eirik Lie, Acting President Kongsberg Defence Systems.

For further information:

Pål Bratlie, Executive Vice President, Kongsberg Defence Systems, telephone +47 930 57 243

Eirik Lie, President, Kongsberg Defence Systems, Tel.: +47 9170 4933.