Presentations from KONGSBERG's Capital Markets Day

KONGSBERG hosts its Capital Markets Day on November the 7th. Attached you will find all presentations material.

During the day KONGSBERG will, among others, be presenting its new growth ambitions and background for the new dividend policy announced on 6 November. The main areas of the new ambitions are:

  • KONGSBERG’s target is to grow on average 10 per cent per year over the next five year period. The growth will come as a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.
  • The company’s goal is a “double digit” EBITA-margin. EBITDA-margin has normally been approx. 2 percentage points higher.
  • KONGSBERG will launch a new, company-wide improvement program to strengthen its profitability and competitiveness. The ambition is minimum MNOK 500 annual cost improvements by 2016.
  • KONGSBERG’s Board of Directors have decided a new dividend policy: “ The company’s objective is that dividends over time shall constitute between 40 and 50 per cent of the company’s ordinary net profits after tax. When determining the size of the dividend, the expected future capital need will be taken into account ”. The previous policy stated that dividends were to constitute 30 per cent of net profit over time.


Here are the presentations


Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Oil and Gas Technologies

Kongsberg Defence Systems

Kongsberg Protech Systems