Performance in Q4 2011

KONGSBERG reports good performance in Q4 2011, laying a sound foundation for 2012.

Q4 revenues totalled MNOK 3 883. The EBITA came to MNOK 544. This results in an EBITA margin for the Group of 14.0 per cent, compared with 18.5 per cent in Q4 2010. Earnings per share (EPS) came to NOK 2.98 in Q4. Accumulated operating revenues for 2011 added up to MNOK 15 128. This is roughly the same level as in 2010, resulting in an EBITA margin of 14.1 per cent.

At year end, the Group had net cash reserves of MNOK 2 191 and an equity ratio of 35.1 per cent.

“Despite the uncertainty in the world economy in 2011, KONGSBERG managed to maintain its operating revenues and profitability.  KONGSBERG also continued to build a sound backlog of orders. All in all, the Group is well positioned in the shipping, offshore and defence markets at the beginning of 2012", comments CEO Walter Qvam.

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