MNOK 712 NSM contract with Poland approved

The contract that KONGSBERG announced on 7 December 2010 with the Polish Ministry of Defence for additional NSMs (Naval Strike Missiles) has been approved. This contract is an extension to the basic contract, which was signed on 30 December 2008. Compared with the press release published in December 2010, the scope and value of the contract has increased and the order for MNOK 712 will be booked in Q4 2011.

KONGSBERG has been contracted to supply an NSM-based Coastal Defence System to the Polish Navy. The Coastal Defence System is on track to commence in 2012, deliveries will encompass NSMs for use in conjunction with a command and weapon control system similar to KONGSBERG's renowned NASAMS air defence system. Earlier in 2011 NSM launched from the Polish Coastal Defence System again demonstrated its capabilities as the most advanced strike missile against land and sea targets.

KONGSBERG will be subcontracting with a large number of Polish enterprises, engaging them in close cooperation that will involve technology transfer and long-term partnerships. Some of the core components of the system, e.g. the radar system, communications system and the trucks to carry the launch ramps, are being developed and delivered by Polish industry.