Contract with Norway and Sweden for common Artillery Fire System ODIN

ODIN operatorsKONGSBERG has signed a contract with the Norwegian (FLO) and Swedish (FMV) Defence Forces for adaptation and delivery of ODIN Fire Support System for the Artillery.

The contract is part of the Norwegian – Swedish Artillery cooperation where ODIN Fire Support System will be the common system for the ARCHER artillery platforms. ODIN manages the Artillery’s operations through the chain of command and integrates observations instruments, communication solutions, command posts and guns.

This contract is a continuation of an earlier signed agreement this year with the Norwegian Defence Forces. The total scope for KONGSBERG is MNOK 96, scheduled for delivery over a two-year period.

For further information, please contact:
Executive Vice President Eirik Lie, Kongsberg Defence Systems, mobile (+47) 917 04 933.