MNOK 90 contract for communications equipment

KONGSBERG has signed a contract with the Armed Forces' Logistics Organisation for the delivery of tactical radio link. The contract is for communications equipment for the high-speed wireless transmission of digital data and voice. With a scope of MNOK 90, the contract is scheduled for delivery over a two-year period.

KONGSBERG has sold radio line equipment in the export market for many years. The version recently ordered by the Norwegian Armed Forces is a new version, featuring state-of-the-art technology. Together, KONGSBERG and KITRON have based on own investment, created a product design that will enhance the competitive power of the product. KITRON will be in charge of production.

The product will offer higher transmission capacity than the preceding generation and will also offer more connection opportunities including the internet protocol. The Air Defence Systems and other Command and Control Systems will get improved performance by utilizing the new equipment.

The sale to the Norwegian Armed Forces is strategically important for KONGSBERG as many international customers are interested in solutions similar to the one selected.