MNOK 48 anti-aircraft contract

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has signed a contract with the Norwegian Air Force to supply a Link 16 tactical data link for the NASAMS II anti-aircraft system. The MNOK 48 contract represents the first delivery of this modern technology to land-based units in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Link 16 is a NATO-standardised tactical data link that enables the NASAMS II anti-aircraft system to be fully integrated with other NATO systems, enhancing mobility. Link 16 is the backbone of a modern network-based defence where weapons, sensors and decision-makers are linked together into a single network for joint operations with other domestic and allied units.

"NASAMS II is one of NATO's leading air defence systems, and the introduction of Link 16 further strengthens the ability of the system to participate in multinational operations. KONGSBERG is the only European enterprise that has engaged in long-term participation in exercises in the U.S., accruing competency and experience on the Link 16", observes Program Manager Harald Ånnestad.