Command and control unit for the US Air Force

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has signed a contract with Raytheon of the US to deliver command and control solutions for the US Air Force's NASAMS anti-aircraft system. The contract is worth approximately USD 3 million.

"This contract with Raytheon reaffirms KONGSBERG's leading position in modern air defence technology and builds on 15 years of successful strategic cooperation with Raytheon. The contract paves the way for potential future assignments in a growing market", comments Executive Vice President Harald Ånnestad.

The NASAMS air defence system consists of radars linked in a network, command and control systems and launch pads for AMRAAM missiles. NASAMS was developed and is manufactured by KONGSBERG and Raytheon, and has been in operation in Norway since the mid-1990s. Norway also furnishes NASAMS units to NATO's Immediate Reaction Force (IRF).

NASAMS anti-aircraft solutions have been sold to Spain, Greece, Turkey and the USA. NASAMS can defend land-based installations against a wide range of advanced airborne threats such as cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), helicopters and fighter craft.


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