"Best Live Artillery Firing"

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has established a foothold in the United Arab Emirates through the sale of simulators and communications equipment. In February, we participated in the international defence exhibition IDEX 2005 in Abu Dhabi. Exhibitors were invited to demonstrate their equipment, resulting in a prize for "Best Live Artillery Firing" for KONGSBERG.

KONGSBERG participated in the Live Firing Tests that take place at a vast artillery range far out in the desert. Bleachers are set up for spectators and there are facilities available for filming the demonstrations. Our Remote Weapon Station was mounted on an Eagle vehicle borrowed from General Dynamics Land System. The demonstration involved firing a 12.7 mm machine gun at two different targets at distances of 500 metres and 1000 metres. The result was so good that we won a wonderful prize for "Best Live Artillery Firing", which was formally awarded at an IDEX gala show.

Top picture: Protech demonstrated its Remote Weapon Station mounted on an Eagle vehicle, borrowed from General Dynamics Land System.

Arild Holen from our local office in Abu Dhabi and Olav Vittersø, in charge of marketing attending the Live Firing Tests at a vast artillery range far out in the desert outside Abu Dhabi.

Picture underneath: Here is the visible proof - Protector Remote Weapon Station, award for Best in show Live Firing at IDEX 2005.