MNOK 140 contract with Honeywell

The contract confirms SvalSat's position as the world's largest ground station for satellites in polar orbit, measured in either the volume of data downloaded or financial volume. Including the Honeywell contract, Kongsberg Satellite Services has signed contracts for a total of MNOK 280 in the past six months.

Kongsberg Satellite Services of Tromsø is jointly and equally owned by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and the Norwegian Space Centre. Kongsberg Satellite Services operates a total of six large downloading antennae on Svalbard (SvalSat). In addition to SvalSat, the company is engaged in satellite control and data downloading at a station in Tromsø. Moreover, the company develops and sells services for weather, climate and environmental monitoring based on satellite data.

For further information, please contact: President Rolf SkatteboeKongsberg Satellite Services AS Mobile phone: 47 911 98985