Breakthrough in network-based defence

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has signed a contract with the Royal Norwegian Air Force for a new type of command post for network-based defence (Common Tactical Operation Centre - CTOC). Valued at MNOK 22.5, the contract represents a breakthrough in network-based defence.

A step into the future "For the Norwegian Air Force, this contract is a major step in the direction of a future with full network-based operations. This is the type of command post that leading Allied nations in NATO have planned to procure from 2010 to  2015", states President Odd Kyllingmark.The contract refers to the modification of the Norwegian Air Force's existing tactical command posts so that they can perform a variety of tasks at different organisational levels, depending on which software is used. The largest part of the contract involves the development of a new software suite for superior command and control, with support for network-based operations.

Strategically important
The CTOC will support all the Armed Forces' current tactical data links and other important solutions for the secure exchange of information with other national and Allied units, including IP communication and information agents.The contract gives KONGSBERG strategically important responsibilities in connection with the development of flexible, multi-functional and network-based systems for the international market. The contract will provide two years of work for 10 people at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.