German Armed Forces order NSK 200 from Kongsberg

The German Armed Forces have placed the first series order for Sectra's eavesdrop-secure GSM telephone from Kongsberg Defence Communications AS. The order is for the NATO version of the Sectra Tiger designated NSK 200, with the accompanying operational supports system. This transaction follows the decision by the Military Committee - NATO's highest military authority - to approve the NSK 200 for NATO Secret communication.

HeadsetNSK 200 is the only eavesdrop-secure GSM telephone on the market that has received NATO approval for the advanced NATO Secret security level.

"There is considerable need for eavesdrop-secure mobile communication within NATO and the German Armed Forces constitute a strategically extremely important customer," says Torunn Øvreås, Senior Vice President of Kongsberg Defence Communications AS. "We have passed a milestone when NATO's Military Committee now has approved NSK 200 for exchange of NATO Secret information. This approval naturally carries substantial weight in the sale of defence products and gives us an unique advantage in our positioning in the market ".

Sales and marketing of the NSK 200 are conducted by Kongsberg Defence Communications AS.

"It is highly favourable that our excellent co-operation with Kongsberg has now resulted in that we will deliver eavesdrop-secure mobile phones to the German Armed Forces," says Per Unell, President of Sectra Communications AB. "The NATO approval, combined with the series orders from the German and Norwegian Armed Forces confirms that Sectra's products for eavesdrop-secure mobile telephony are world leading."


The Multi Role Radio (MRR) is the company`s flagship insofar as radios are concerned. The Norwegian Armed Forces`experience with the MRR has been very positive. Serial deliveries of several thousand units are in process in Norway and the Norwegian Army international operations will in July 2003 take the first deliveries of the newly added handheld version of the MRR family. International marketing efforts are successful. The MRR family has resently been selected as the main Tactical Radio System by another NATO Country, Hungary.