QPE Advanced Machining to supply Launcher Components to Kongsberg Defence Australia for the KONGSBERG Naval Strike Missile

We are excited to officially announce that QPE Advanced Machining, part of the Stärke Advanced Manufacturing Group (Stärke-AMG), have been selected to supply Launcher Components for the KONGSBERG Naval Strike Missile (NSM) to Kongsberg Defence Australia (KDAu). We take immense pride in this selection and eagerly look forward to commencing our work together.

In 2022, the Commonwealth of Australia revealed its selection of KONGSBERG’s NSM to replace the Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile capability through an accelerated acquisition initiative under SEA 1300 Phase 1 Navy Guided Weapons. This cutting-edge maritime strike capability will be integrated and utilised on the Royal Australian Navy’s ANZAC Class Frigates and HOBART Class Destroyers, set to commence service from 2024.

“We are pleased to welcome Gillman based South Australian company QPE Advanced Machining to provide Launcher Components for the KONGSBERG NSM as part of SEA 1300. Today’s announcement highlights our strong commitment to Australian Industry Capability as we continue to expand our local supply chain, identifying and maximising opportunities for Australia’s very capable defence industry to contribute to the delivery of Defence capability”, says John Fry, General Manager of KDAu.

Al Jawhari, CEO of Stärke-AMG Group, expressed, “QPE Advanced Machining has earned recognition for supplying top-tier maritime and land programs with high-complexity, high-performance, robust, and dependable components over many years. After a successful track record in the defence sector, we are delighted to be directly engaged with Kongsberg Defence Australia, contributing our Machined Components for the KONGSBERG Naval Strike Missile under SEA 1300.”

Al Jawhari, further emphasised the significance of this contract by stating, "The contract will also support the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with Australian domestic manufacturing capability that will create new jobs, alongside a highly trained workforce, potentially leading to global exports within the defence industry and other international markets. This underlines our commitment to bolstering Australia's defence capabilities and fostering economic growth through local manufacturing and international trade in the defence sector.

Vanessa Konig
Director Corporate Affairs, Kongsberg Defence Australia

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