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Arild Sodefjed Jørgensen

Executive Vice President Strategic Programs

Arild Sodefjed Jørgensen is Executive Vice President of Strategic Programs in Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, a Business Area within Kongsberg Gruppen ASA (KONGSBERG).

The Strategic Programs portfolio comprises projects where products from several of the divisions in KDA or KONGSBERG or owned companies contributes to the integration of the System being delivered to the end customer.

Since joining KONGSBERG in 1986, Mr. Jørgensen held different positions of increasing responsibilities within KONGSBERG; including Software Development, Systems Engineering, Project and Program Management and several Departmental Management positions. Mr. Jørgensen was central in establishing the Raytheon/KONGSBERG NASAMS SL-AMRAAM Air Defence system which has now been sold worldwide. He has been the VP of Air Defence Programs since 2006, acting as the EVP for Integrated Defence Systems during Aug 2016 to Feb 2017. Since Feb 2017 he has in addition to EVP Strategic Programs, been the CEO of BK Systems QSTPLLC, a joint venture between KONGSBERG and Barzan Holding QSTP-LLC in Doha, Qatar.

Mr. Jørgensen is member of the Board in Kongsberg Defence Oy registered in Finland and in Kongsberg Defence SpA registered in Chile.

Mr. Jørgensen holds a BSc in Cybernetics Electronics and a BSc Hons Degree in Computation.