Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Two centuries of innovation, transformation and delivering results, has made Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, a recognised global technology leader. We take pride in developing advanced technology and products of strategic importance, to nations around the world.

Our history and achievements are a testimony to our proven track-record. We will continue to advance all aspects of our service, forming an enduring relationship with our partners, far into the future.

Our technology is developed to operate under the most extreme conditions. We are a leading supplier of defence products and systems; for command and control; surveillance; space; tactical communications; remote weapon stations and missiles. We also deliver advanced composites and engineering products for aircrafts and helicopters, with activities that span from deep water to surface, land and air and into space.

Our people and their dedication are what makes us a world-class team. Working together with our customers and strategic partners, we use our experience and expertise, to create the most optimal solutions – keeping people and personnel secure.

Solutions and technology

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is a world leading supplier of remote weapon stations. More than 20 nations rely on our systems for their security. Through world class innovation; program execution; and customer understanding; we provide high-tech systems for enhanced, situational awareness - protecting people and property.

Our Aerostructures centre excels in the manufacture of complex composite structures; and metallic alloy assemblies; for systems operating under extreme conditions. Our core capabilities range from design; prototyping and industrialisation; to large volume manufacturing for Aerospace; defence and other high performing sectors.

We design and manufacture high quality ruggedized radio and radio links, used in advanced tactical communication systems. These communication solutions are currently used by more than 30 nations.

Our Integrated Defence Systems division provides air defence systems; land-based command & control systems; surveillance- and naval combat systems.

The Space & Surveillance division delivers a broad spectrum of systems and electronics for launchers and spacecrafts. It also offers ground systems and services, related to processing satellite data. We provide this to space and maritime surveillance customers, in more than 40 countries around the world.

Our Missile Systems division’s products include: the Penguin missile; the Naval Strike Missile (NSM); and the Joint Strike Missile (JSM), launched from surface ships, helicopters and fighter aircrafts.

These technologies and solutions have been designed and developed, with our recognised focus on technical excellence, so that they provide extreme performance in extreme conditions.