Digital frontier

Digitalisation is the driving force of our era. With the combination of deep domain knowledge and industry know-how, KONGSBERG is at the forefront of revolutionising industries.

With the combination of deep domain knowledge and industry know-how, KONGSBERG is at the forefront of revolutionising industries.

A problem-solving culture is at the heart of KONGSBERG. We use our experience and imagination to overcome advanced engineering challenges and help our clients envision the future of their industries. Through state-of-the-art technology we deliver solutions that perform in extreme conditions, paving the way for more sustainable solutions. Our ecosystem and platform is Kognifai, an enabler of ground breaking technology that allow clients to create truly data driven businesses. 

Kognifai - open and collaborative

At the very core of all our initiatives is our cloud-based digital ecosystem, Kognifai. Kognifai combines high quality structured data, technology and deep domain knowledge to enable rapid generation of insights and innovation. Its technology components allow users to capture and aggregate quality data from sensors, edge devices and control systems. 

 maritime digitalisation for all

There are great gains to be made through digitalisation in the maritime industry, especially in terms of increased efficiency, safety and the need to meet enhanced environmental standards. Due to a high degree of complexity and customized systems on vessels, access to quality data has been one of the key challenges preventing digital development.


Given KONGSBERG’s major presence in the maritime sector, as a leading provider of automation and control systems, it is natural for the group to investigate opportunities for a low-threshold, viable way for maritime operators to start their digitalisation journey.


Digital Twins are data enabled digital replicas of physical assets or processes. A simple version of a Digital Twin can be used to gain insight across disciplines, roles and departments.  By using real-time data, coupled with sophisticated models simulating optimal operations, the Digital Twin can be used as a tool for planning, operation and maintenance.

KONGSBERG’s Digital Twin, KogniTwin, technology can be used for all kinds of industrial assets, but the initial focus has been on creating high-functioning integrated software solutions for oil and gas platforms.


For KONGSBERG it is important to develop technology that solves challenges relevant to customers in all sectors. Cost effective and secure data standardisation and system integration is necessary to create fully digital business models, regardless of industry. KONGSBERG applies insights gained by pushing the digital frontier in one sector to generate new solutions in others. We lower the digitalisation threshold to all customers and help them gain truly data driven insights – so that they can continue to develop and excel in their field.