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Optimal efficiency in extreme environments

FISHMASTER® is a unique fusion of equipment, functions and operator comfort for efficient fishery. The excellent capability of the sensors to find and identify fish is combined with the capability to maneuver and sail the vessel, all of this is made simple by the advanced Human Machine Interface surrounding the operator on large display units.

Key figures

10% decrease in cables, commissioning and installation work at yard.

Energy savings of several percent based on the energy system selected

Modern trawlers are defined both by their increasing complexity and a need to perform with optimal efficiency and sustainability, often in extreme marine environments. Market players must address these challenges through robust system design, and efficiencies that both reduce cost and enhance performance.

Shipowners all over the world have come to appreciate the quality, accuracy and efficiency of Simrad's sonars, echo sounders and catch monitoring systems. With more than 70 years expertise in the fishing segment, Simrad products, together with other core products from KONGSBERG, ensure a proven, reliable and modern product platform.

FISHMASTER® will be delivered as a part of the integration with unified bridge, automation, energy, propulsion, deck machinery and sensor systems. Tailored solutions are also provided to support efficient operation. Depending on operational modes, this ensures the control needed and the flexibility to operate from one location with all essential equipment accessible. The redundant control system is designed with common track ball and touch-based operator panels for all applications provided.

These systems provide high data quality to the Information Management system for remote support, condition monitoring and decision support.

An Integrated solution for fishing vessels gives added value on top of individual product excellence.

  • The yard saves engineering hours, interface meetings, cabling and installation work, and reduced risk overall in the project.
  • Ship designers are able to tailor make solutions for specific designs and customer requirements together with KONGSBERG. An integrated solution frees up space and reduces weight. This is valid for winches, electrical systems and control systems on the bridge.
  • Owner and operators reduce OPEX with regard to efficient fishery. A proven life cycle management for systems delivered will in the long run pay off.

The world´s most advanced technology systems are now available in the fishing industry.

key benefits

  • Operability

    The bridge consoles can be adjusted in height, making them suitable both for seated and standing operation. In addition the height and tilt angle of the video-wall displays can be adjusted, providing maximum comfort during operation.

    There is one common track ball for operation on the  large presentation screens. For more detailed views and operation, the touch control panel replaces all individual operator panels. Common palette change and dimming function is handled from one location and will apply to all applications. 

    Depending on the operational modes and user selection, the system will provide the operator with information needed to make quick and correct decisions.

  • Efficiency

    A study of a vessel’s power requirement under different operational conditions is essential when a ship energy system is designed. Kongsberg can provide such engineering support and implement  the energy management system when the vessel is in operation. It is important to take a holistic approach for all energy consumers and producers in order to optimize energy consumption without increasing risk.

    Power to and from electrical winches, fish processing and thrusters needs to be handled, and this can be predicted in the energy  management system. It might be LNG or diesel powered in different combination with batteries, AC with PTI/PTO, or DC solutions. Each vessel and operator will have their special needs.

  • Performance

    The Information Management System will have first-hand information from all systems, and historical data can be analysed in order to optimise the performance.

    Vessel performance systems with innovative and comprehensive solutions unlock the full value of all available technical information addressing engine optimization, energy consumers, and speed profile, to reduce the operating costs.

  • Safety

    Together with ship designers, we can optimise aft deck handling equipment for safety of personnel and equipment. Control systems with redundancy and a uniform means of operating different vessel systems will reduce the risk for human errors. Trawl automation and propulsion control operates as one system in order to take correct actions in case of fishing gear becoming hindered. 

  • Productivity

    Fishmaster® is a tool to find, evaluate and catch fish in the most optimal way. This is achieved by connecting all the vessel’s control system’, propellers and winches and give the correct view and attention depending on the operational mode.

  • Environment

    Electrification of winches, fuel reduction, and safety for fishing gear are all contributors to environmental friendly solutions, while reducing OPEX.

Connecting with the future today.

By uniting operations, energy and handling solutions, KONGSBERG creates integrated vessel concepts that unlock powerful benefits.

The result is greater efficiency, reduced costs, intelligent asset management and a continual cycle of learning and improvement. Data is shared, understanding is enhanced and better realtime and long-term decisions are made possible, both at sea and on land.

Marine operations is integrated, the future is KONGSBERG!