Free-surface cavitation tunnel – T-31

The free-surface tunnel at KHRC is one of few tunnels of this type in existence and is used for testing propellers operating in partially or fully submerged conditions, in parallel or oblique flow or behind a hull dummy. 

  • The tunnel is particularly suitable for testing waterjet units as a complete system with inlet, pump and steering/reversing unit as well as hydrofoil configurations. In addition, a special test station in the large de-aerating section enables various interaction phenomena between propulsors and hull structures, at or near bollard pull conditions, to be investigated.
  • Examples of test and measurements that can be done in the free-surface cavitation tunnel is:
    • Propeller behind tests with cavitation observations and pressure pulse/noise measurements.
    • Waterjet system test with cavitation observations and thrust/torque measurements.
    • Thruster/POD propeller and stay load measurements.
    • Bollard pull measurements taking the effect of cavitation into account.

Hydrofoils with cavitation observation and drag/lift measurements taking the effect of

Cavitation tunnel – T-31

Cavitation Tunnel T-31

Kempf & Remmers – Hamburg
Build year 1970
Tunnel volume 394 m3
Drive engine 1000 kW
Total height 12 m
Total length 23 m
Measuring section
Height 800 mm
Width 800 mm
Length 4 m
Water velocity 12 m/s
Absolute pressure max 100 kPamin 5 kPa