Conventional cavitation tunnel – T-32

The conventional tunnel at KHRC is primarily intended for testing propellers, waterjet pumps and thrusters in “open water“ conditions, i.e. homogenous inflow with or without the effects of cavitation.

  • The upstream drive unit is adapted to various shaft, hub and blade dynamometers, allowing measurement of torque and thrust of the entire propeller or, alternatively, forces acting on an individual blade. Special tests can be performed, such as measurement of velocity distribution and propeller, rudder or nozzle combinations, or any kind of test with underwater objects, when the presence of a free surface is not required.
  • Examples of measurements that can be done in the conventional cavitation tunnel is:
    • Propeller open water test at any conceivable condition of operation.
    • Pump loop tests.
    • Propeller/rudder or nozzle combinations.
    • Contra-rotating propellers.

Cavitation tunnel – T-32

Cavitation Tunnel T-32

Build year 1970
Tunnel volume 117 m3
Drive engine 250 kW
Total height 8 m
Total length 14.5 m
Measuring section
Height 800 mm
Length 2.5 m
Water velocity 14 m/s
Absolute pressure max 100 kPamin 15 kPa