For over 80 years Kongsberg Maritime has developed World Class products and capabilities for Marine Propulsion. Unlike other propulsor suppliers, Kongsberg Maritime has its own marine propulsion laboratory giving a unique capability of Kongsberg to combine in-house experimental testing and numerical simulations build confidence in CFD models used for design and optimisation.

  • At Kongsberg we continuously strive to further strengthen our hydrodynamic capabilities through own research and cooperation with research institutions and universities. Kongsberg has long term relationships with partners in several countries through different projects and University Technology Centres (UTC’s).
  • When a customer contacts Kongsberg they should expect to benefit from our long experience, our latest research and the latest techniques. Through software and methods development, new, more efficient tools and processes are continuously made available to designers’ and engineers’ at Kongsberg. This is a key enabler to make our hydrodynamic capabilities available to our customers.
Hydrodynamic Research Centre Varnumsleden 7 S-681 93 Kristinehamn Sweden