Computational Hydrodynamics” UTC @ Chalmers

Kongsberg have a long tradition of computational hydrodynamics research and methods development. In-house shorter-term research is supported by longer term university collaboration through the Computational Hydrodynamics UTC at Chalmers, Gothenburg.

  • The research at the Computational Hydrodynamics UTC is focused on two main branches, System Performance and Cavitation & Noise.
  • The System Performance branch focus on new simulation techniques for predicting vessel performance, enabling more accurate hull resistance and powering predictions to support design optimisation on vessel level.
  • The Cavitation & Noise branch focus on capabilities to simulate and predict cavitation nuisances as erosion, pressure pules and underwater radiated noise, URN. The bases for this is the simulation techniques for cavitation and its behaviour as the source to nuisances which must be developed to a more detailed level than today’s commercial methods allows.
Hydrodynamic Research Centre Varnumsleden 7 S-681 93 Kristinehamn Sweden