Jet Control System - Extended

JCS Extended

Jet Control System – Extended (JCS Extended) by KONGSBERG, is an advanced and compact control system for operating waterjets steering, reversing bucket and optional interceptor movement. One to three control stations and including up to four waterjet propulsion units, Port and Starboard sides redundant, synchronized and safely.

The JCS Extended is easy to install due to the size of components, standardized plug-in assembly and designed requiring short time for commissioning and start-up. For operating mid to large sized single, twin, twin plus booster, or quad installed Kongsberg Kamewa waterjets.

The JCS Extended control system provides accurate and reliable operation of the waterjet hydraulic valves using integrated feedback signals and optional GNSS antenna. The system together with waterjet propulsion and engine interface, provides accurate operation combined with integrated advanced support and manoeuvring functions.

Jet Control System for Kongsberg Kamewa waterjet propulsion


  • Easy installation and commissioning supported by Kongsberg service engineer.
  • Compact design, plug-in assembly.
  • Delivered together with waterjets
  • Factory tested and pre-calibrated


  • Designed for operators with special focus on craft operability and advanced operating functions.
  • The optional built in secure remote access solution offers Kongsberg remote access services for maintenance and updates.
  • Alarms and settings are visualized on a high contrast display adjustable for optimal visibility
  • Visual indication of steering and reversing bucket position
  • Improved bridge device profile
  • Optional control of interceptors

Especially designed for high speed crafts such as work boats, rescue boats, patrol boats, crew transfer vessels, leisure boats and more.

WJ-Controls in vessel.jpg

Steering knob, Steering wheel 

Twin lever, Booster lever 

3 axis joystick

7” Display

Auto heading view 

Auto positioning view 

Services and support

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  • Conversions, retrofit and refit

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  • Training

    Ensure that your crew is properly and thoroughly trained. This will reduce operational risk, downtime and maximise return on asset investment.

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