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Steel waterjets

The steel series incorporates numerous improvements and are based on a modular platform, optimised for the yard and the customer.

Improved efficiency and ease of installation

Steel series waterjets are designed to be easy to install in hulls constructed from different materials. The owner or yard can choose from three delivery concepts, each of which can also have a choice of three different materials for the inlet duct. All sizes can be supplied with steel, aluminium or FRP intake ducts with power from 450kW to over 30,000kW. The new steel series waterjets provide improved efficiency over a wider speed range. The stainless steal mixed flow pump is now even more efficient and the waterjet is also some 15 per cent lighter. A new bucket design improves steering and reversing.


Key features

  • The best pump efficiency on the market, for each operational profile and purpose
  • Maximum performance at minimum weight
  • The compact reversing bucket and steering nozzle enables superior position keeping and manoeuvrability at low and high speed
  • Modularisation by customer choice

Technical data

Waterjet steel series Max power (kW)
25 450
28 570
32 750
36 950
40 1250
45 1500
50 2000
56 3000
63 4000
71 4500
80 6000
90 8000
100 10000
112 12000
125 16000
140 20000
160 25000
180 30000
200 36000

Delivery program

The diagram shows the nine ways in which a steel series waterjet can be supplied, with a choice of three materials for the inlet duct and three ways of delivering the waterjet to suit yard or owner preferences.

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