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Super-Silent tunnel thruster

The Super Silent (SS) tunnel thruster has a modified hydraulic power pack for low noise. It has double walls through the full tunnel length and a flexibly mounted inner tunnel.

Maximum comfort for crew and passengers

The Super Silent (SS) version of our tunnel thruster range is based on the standard tunnel thruster and further improved to reduce noise and vibration levels created by the thrusters propeller and surrounding structure. This will increase the comfort for the crew and passengers and further allow the ship to operate in sensitive areas. The system can be tailor-made to fit different types of offshore or merchant vessels. The Super Silent tunnel thruster has double walls in the full tunnel length with a flexible mounted inner tunnel. The concept provides noise reduction up to 15 dB compared to standard designs. A reduction up to 25 dB can be reached in combination with floating floors and other measures by the shipbuilder.


Key features

  • Reduced tip speed
  • Noise reduction of up to 10 dB compared to standard design
  • Reduction of up to 25 dB can be reached in combination with floating floors and other measures by shipbuilder

Technical data

Thruster type TT1850 SS TT2000 SS TT2200 SS TT2400 SS TT2400 SS
Dia. (mm) 1850 2200 2200 2400 2800
Motor (rpm) 1180 800 1190 1190 880
Propeller output (rpm) 289 225 242 230 119
Max power (kW) 800 1205 1150 1500 2140

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