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ELegance pod system

Podded propulsion system with Permanent Magnet motor technology for optimal system efficiency and compact design.

Following years of research and development, we are proud to introduce our new ELegance range of pods, bringing a truly graceful approach to propulsion.

The ELegance pod system includes a new Permanent Magnet (PM) motor driven Pod, making our offers within ELectric driven thrusters the widest in the industry. These Pods provide propulsion for precise and efficient vessel operation. It has a built-in permanent magnet electric motor for optimal efficiency over a large speed range, combined with an excellent hydrodynamic design developed in our well renowned Hydrodynamic Research Centre.

With its low oil content and double barrier seal solution, the pods in the ELegance system are environmental friendly as well as optimised for high system performance through compact design and high hydrodynamic efficiency. The new Twin Tail improves the unit efficiency further, as well as reducing noise and vibrations. The ELegance pods are also available for ice operations.

The pods are delivered in a system with our Active Front End Converters, either fed from a conventional 690V system or through transformers on a medium voltage distribution system, such as our SAVe Step solution. Our different SAVe electric systems are designed to fit a various range of vessels, giving an enhanced diesel-electric performance that is optimised for each shipowner’s use. Batteries from the SAVe Energy portfolio can be integrated into the SAVe systems to perform load smoothing on the engines and increases the redundancy in the propulsion system. The SAVe system can then deliver continuous power to the pods, allowing a power-generating capacity reduction by up to 30 per cent. This means the pods could operate on battery power alone when in harbour, or for limited periods with zero emissions, dependent on the battery capacity.

Technical data pulling Pod



Technical data ducted Pod



Key features

  • PM motor for optimal electric efficiency and compact design
  • Combined cooling by air and surrounding seawater provides high = efficiency and compact air-cooling cubicle
  • Optimised drive/motor and hydrodynamic design for excellent overall efficiency
  • Adjustable design to provide optimal adaptation to hull for each vessel
  • Twin-Tail (pat. pending) for improved efficiency and cavitation behaviour (Open / pulling)
  • Innoduct TM nozzle design for high bollard pull and free running efficiency (Ducted / pushing)
  • EAL proven Anti-Pollution Seal System to ensure environmentally safe operation
  • Hydrodynamic Research Centre to support the customer in hull/Pod optimisation
  • Easy access to all service points
  • Long service intervals of main components
  • Safe and easy fitting of units to the hull without heavy lifting equipment
  • Underwater mounting/maintenance feasibility
  • Strong operational support, both for system monitoring and maintenance



  • Auxiliary
  • Coastguard

Cruise & passenger

  • Expedition cruise
  • Ropax


  • PSV
  • Windfarm

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