Engine Monitoring Systems

KONGSBERG Engine Monitoring Systems consist of bearing monitoring components covering Bearing Wear, Water in Oil, Temperature of all bearings and additional measuring points such as Cylinder liner and exhaust gas temperature.


Modular and scalable concept

Software & system components are common with the K-Chief 600 marine automation system and the AutoChief® 600 propulsion control system, allowing integration and joined support. Data transfer via CAN bus forms the bases for easy communication with other KONGSBERG systems.

Systems may easily be extended by adding additional hardware units such as operator stations, input/output modules and additional measuring points. KONGSBERG System Technology offers signal acquisition and processing units for installation in ER cabinets, ECR consoles or mounted directly on the engine.

Processing algorithms are executed within the local acquisition units or in the powerful controller units. By distribution and segregation the consequences of a system fault are reduced and may even be eliminated. The KONGSBERG Engine Monitoring Systems concept yields a modular design, where the various modules can be configured and combined to suit individual needs.

The individualised Engine Monitoring systems can then be integrated with KONGSBERG K-Chief and AutoChief 600 system. Each module is fully compatible with each other and therefore provides seamless information sharing and a consistent operation environment.

Essential components such as bearing wear sensors and wireless temperature sensors yield the best results that technology has to offer in terms of reliability, accuracy and durability. By utilising the CAN field bus protocol for engine instrumentation, installation costs are reduced and the quality of data processing enhanced.

Avoiding open up inspection

The KONGSBERG Bearing Wear Monitoring System - BWCM is designed according to the specifications of MAN Diesel and Germanischer Lloyd (GL). The BWCM system is one of the required systems in order to avoid open up inspections.

The following systems are part of a class survey arrangement:

  • Bearing Wear Monitoring System
  • Water in Oil sensor
  • Shaft Earthing Device (owner or yard supply)
  • Computerized Planned Maintenance System (owner or yard supply)