Trawl winches for fishing vessel

On trawl winches we are now using Permanent Magnet - PM motors. With this technology we are able to remove the gear unit, achieving unique dynamic properties also in the electric trawl winches.

Winch systems customised to requirement

Main trawl winches meet all the requirements of trawlers from about 40 metres long and upward to the largest vessels, with rated pulls from 20 to 115 tonnes. They are designed to be active, with low-inertia drive systems that provide quick response. Quick net shooting and hauling, and a high brake holding force, are key features. There is a choice of drives; either the well proven low pressure hydraulic system known for its excellent dynamic response, or the new permanent magnet electric motor, which with its high torque direct drive offers a similar response level to LP hydraulic for those who prefer and electrical solution. Winches can be fitted with electric spooling gear for optimum control of the lay of the wire on the drum, or mechanical spooling can be selected for smaller winches.

BRE XT140 is the trawl winch with a permanent magnet motor driving the winch drum direct without a gearbox, providing up to 51 tonnes pull. The low inertia design minimises tension peaks in the wire and reduces risk of damage if the trawl snags on the seabed. The good dynamic properties make semi-pelagic trawling possible, where the trawl doors do not contact the seabed, cutting fuel consumption and minimising damage to bottom fauna. For vessels with suitable electrical systems, the PM winch can provide regenerative power to reduce total energy consumption. Auxiliary trawl winches include topline, lifeline and tail end, generally for installation on trawlers without stern slipways.

Trawl winch options


  1. The trawl winch with PM motor has a pull capacity up to 50 tonnes with one motor
  2. The trawl winch with low pressure hydraulic motor has a pull capacity up to 50 tonnes with one motor

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