Satellite services

KSAT is the world-leading company for maritime monitoring and surveillance services using satellite-based data from several radars- and optical services.

KSAT provides unbiased multi-mission near real-time services providing accurate information based on satellites to users worldwide in less than 20 minutes from data acquisition. The combination of KSAT ground station network and services is unrivalled.

Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT) is a Norwegian company, uniquely positioned to provide ground station and earth observation services for polar-orbiting satellites. With three interconnected polar ground stations; Tromsø at 69°N, Svalbard (SvalSat) at 78°N and Antarctic TrollSat Station at 72°S, combined with a mid-latitude network of stations in South Africa, Dubai, Singapore and Mauritius, KSAT operates over 60 antennas optimally positioned for access to polar and geostationary orbiting satellites.