We specialize in interdisciplinary optomechanics and optoelectronics space projects.

Our core competences are:

  • Optical design and analysis (fibre optics and bulk optics)
  • 0ptomechanics
  • Highly stabilized laser sources, including control and drive electronics
  • 0ptical metrology systems
  • Low noise photodiode amplifiers
  • Space qualification of electro-optic and fibre components
  • Laser Metrology within the field of space electro-optics

Optical metrology

KONGSBERG has developed and delivered wavelength stabilized lasers (reference lasers) and optical receivers for laser metrology systems. Metrology systems often include spectrometers measuring the Earth irradiance, for example, a Fourier Transform Interferometer. The reference laser injects a beam with a known wavelength into the interferometer. The reference receiver detects the laser beam after having traversed the interferometer via the two reflectors/mirrors. The sinusoidal signal detected by the optical receiver has a frequency that is determined by the speed of the movable reflector/mirror. The interferogram is sampled at zero crossings of the sinusoidal signal, i.e. at equal path length differences of the interferometer arms. The acquired information makes it possible to calculate the spectrum via a Fourier Transform of the interferogram.

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