The Level Conditioner is part of the fuel level measurement system for launchers using liquid propellants, LOX, LH2 or others.

Level Conditioner

The Level Conditioner function is to convert a capacitive value measurement to a voltage signal proportional to the measured capacitance.

The Level Conditioner will be made in two versions, one for the hydrogen reservoir called family A, and one for the oxygen reservoir called family B.

The Ariane 5 Level Conditioner is a part in the functional measurement chains for the EPC (Main Cryogenic Stage) reservoirs (LOX and LH2)

Key features

  • Selectable exciter frequency 2kHz, 2,1kHz or 2,2kHz
  • Selectable measurement range for LOX or LH2
  • 0-5 Volt output
  • 24-32 Volt DC supply


  • More than 2400 FM units delivered
  • 20 Units per Ariane 5
  • 30 Units per Ariane 6
  • 2 Units Rocket Lab launch

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