KONGSBERG has over 15 years’ experience in design, manufacture and supply of various frequency generation and distribution products for use in satellite payloads. The product family covers various frequency sources and synthesizers, switching and distribution networks and frequency generation Units.

Galileosat FGUU

Kongsberg builds a range of frequency generators, local oscillators, and reference sources for use in frequency generator units, Frequency Converters and TT&C products.


Range of frequency synthesizers covers:

  • Sampling Phase Locked Loop Oscillators, SPLO
  • Digital Phase Locked Loop Oscillators, DPLO
  • Fractional Synthesizer Digital Phase Locked Loop Oscillators, F-DPLO

Reference oscillators:

  • OCXO, Oven Controlled X-tal Oscillators), 10 to 100 MHz
  • TCXO, Thermally Compensated X-tal Oscillators, 10 to 100 MHz